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We offer a range of services to aid in the process of setting up an online information system.

Database Conversion

If you have existing spreadsheet(s) or database(s) or an old information system (even very old) we can find ways to export your old data into a new system and adapt it to conform to modern database design principles. This can be a time consuming job but significantly improves "data quality" if done well. How easy this process is depends on a number of factors and most importantly on the quality of the original design. An old database, poorly designed, with a great deal of missing or erroneous data, is VERY time consuming and difficult to import and clean up. A cost estimate is advised early in the process.

Design and Specification Development

The single most important factor in developing a successful and robust database system is the design and specification stage. To write a good specification, the author must:

Training for Admin users

Our product is intended to make you self-sufficient, however depending on the product version and features you require, you will need to have staff with a good understanding of how to set up and maintain your information system. Detailed documentation is provided, however some basic understanding of how to administer a database is required and we can provide this core knowledge to anybody with basic computer literacy skills. Basic training in SQL for report writing is not available (but can give advice on good online and printed resources). We can provide assistance with writing or optimising more complex queries for an expert SQL-fluent user (eg a business analyst).

Phone/Email Support for Administrators

We can offer phone or email based support for administrators during work hours, when problems or difficulties arise with setup or customisation of your information system.

MDWeb cannot offer end-user training or support for minor day to day issues. Extensive documentation is provided in the online help system.

Custom report design

Our full featured product allows users to create simple reports based on pre-designed templates. Creating new reports requires in-depth knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL, often pronounced "Sequel") and the database schema. If you have access to a person with these skills, creating new reports does not require input from us. Otherwise, advanced report templates can be created and added to your application quickly and easily.

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