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Where does our product fit in?

MDWeb product does not compete with generic Electronic Clinical Record (ECR) systems designed for public hospitals. The product is designed to operate independently, however, it can also integrate with existing systems, to provide a customisable disease-specific information system integrating and processing data from other systems in one place. For example, chronic disease care in nephrology, oncology or diabetes needs data storage and processing functionality not typically available in a generic ECR. Our product is easy to set up and customise without programming knowledge. Integrating with an existing ECR will require cooperation with your IS department or ECR vendor. Modern standards for data exchange will be supported, with generalisation and customisation to cope with dependent systems change.

As well as the chronic disease setting, the product can serve any need for an online accessible "database", for example a multi-centre research project or a Registry.

Because the application is "user-adaptable" minimal re-working is required to deploy a new product or installation, reducing the time and cost and improving reliability.

Note: Nov 2020 - full product range remains under development at present, pending demand. Expressions of interest welcome.

How an MDWeb Application works

An MDWeb online application is built from a framework of pre-built generic components that can be extensively customised. This has the advantages of rapid development, and improved reliability, as the components are well tested, reliable and work together. Components are assembled as required around a database schema design to create a fully functional application. It can easily grow or change as needed over time.

MDWeb can configure a product to suit multiple applications.

Simple Online Application or Web Site (No Data Storage)

No user account required, no private data stored, example might be a score calculator or similar tool on a single web page.

Simple Online Database - Single Table

Suitable for small research projects where data collection and entry needs to be collected at multiple centres. Equivalent to a simple spreadsheet, or a paper data form. User account system required.

Registry - Multiple Table Online Database

Suitable for storing patient data and related information, such as progress notes or data sets collected over time. Ideal for a simple Registry.

Full Online Information System

This product is not currently actively being developed but could be if demand exists. Stores patient data and medical history, problem lists, medications, documents, event timeline, progress notes. Full custom field and table functionality available. Could be used to managing chronic disease.

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