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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your product different from commercial alternatives?

There are no comparable commercial products. Commercial products are either "generic" with a substantial cost to customise, or are custom built from scratch to your specifications, with additional cost for any future modification by the vendor. The concept of substantial end-user customisation is not considered a good business model and adds complexity to a product.

In the early 1980's a pioneering Electronic Clinical Record application was created for storing information on Renal Dialysis patients. This product is still in widespread use 30+ years later due to its unique ability to be customised by the user. This article from Kidney International, 1983, describes the philosophy of the system. "To avoid the domination of local, or distant, programming teams, clinical computer aids should be capable of being directly changed by the clinician himself or his technical assistant".

You appear to be a small operation. How do I know you will still be around in the future?

The software is designed to make the user independent, and therefore in the unlikely event that support is no longer available, it can still meet your needs far into the future. MDWeb is looking for other like-minded developers and clinicians with an interest in quality medical software. The "source code" is stored in an online repository and will in the near future be made available (ie open source), which will allow a suitably experienced and qualified developer to maintain the product.

I am not in the medical field, but your product interests me. Do you take on non-medical customers?

Primary focus is the public health area, private medical or non-medical customers would be charged commercial rates.

Can you demonstrate the product in person?

Not resourced to do this, but can provide PowerPoint(R) presentations, one to complement the Demo system and another standalone which focuses on Software Engineering and the correct process of designing an information system.

I have concerns regarding privacy and security of information.

Hosting provider is NZ based and subject to NZ privacy law. Details available of physical security, vendor access to the server, security and safety of Microsoft(R) stack server software is readily available. MDWeb has a generic security and privacy policy covering all these details available for ethics or institutional approval. User-account privacy policy is GDPR based, with proviso that patient privacy overrides user privacy. Possible to avoid storage of identifying patient detail using client-side cryptographic hashing. For details, contact us.

I want 24 hour customer support and rapid turnaround on requests to change the software. Can you provide this?

No. However the platform is designed to be end-user-maintainable and you or your IS team can do this yourselves. You will need to factor this in to your specification. I do provide support to administrators and the platform has a user-friendly online documentation system that an administrator can add to or adapt as needed for training and supporting everyday users.

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