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Please note this demo is not a "pretty pictures" type of demo showing how modern and stylish the web application looks, it is a functional demo. The appearance of a website can be quickly and easily tailored to anything imaginable. The pages demonstrate the powerful and flexible platform features that can be used to meet varied functional requirements without expensive, time consuming and error prone re-coding.

Use the username and password "guest" and "Guest123" to login, or you can create your own account (to preview the account creation process). The account will be approved automatically, and will be deleted after 48 hours.

NB: As at Nov 2020 the Demo application remains under development and is being used mainly for testing of components. It is not much of a "Demo" at present.

Click here for Demo System Login

(If it does not work, try again another day. The Demo application is UNDER CONSTRUCTION at the present time and will disappear, malfunction or fail to operate frequently).

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